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Prompt #7

 Title: Freedom
Author: Violatrix Stone
Rating: PGish
Characters/Pairings: Maryann/Sam/Sookie
Warnings: Soft core Kink?
Spoilers: Season 2…sort of
Prompt: #7 – Skin
Word Count: 101
Summary: Sam likes them for different reasons


She scared him, terrified him, but something deep down called to her. Something like the fact that she wasn't all that human, probably the same thing that called him to like Sookie. They both intrigued him, but that was where the similarities stopped.

He'd dreamt about her, Maryann, for a year- maybe two- but he'd dreamt about Sookie since the day she started to work for him and he smelt the otherness about her. She smelt of freedom, controlled freedom, and her skin was the colour of warm caramel buttermilk, but Maryann smelt like insanity. It wasn't right, wasn't the same.  

Tags: challenge #7: skin
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