Noa (noalinnea) wrote in trueblood100,

Challenge 25: Pushing his buttons

Title: Pushing his buttons
Author: noalinnea 
Character(s)/Pairing: Eric/ Pam, implied Eric/ Sookie
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Prompt: #25 “Crazy”
Word Count: 104
Summary: Pam feels threatened by Sookie

"Tycker du att jag är snygg?*"

There's a snarky remark on his lips but when he sees her frowning at her reflection he says:
"I'm crazy about you. Thought you knew, though."

She shrugs, and bites her lip. "That human... she..."

He's standing behind her in the blink of an eye, pulling her close and resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Min älsking*, there always will be women coming and going, human, vampire... but none of them is ever going to threaten our bond."
He drops a kiss to her hair. „And now go get laid. You're insufferable when you are like this.“


Tycker du att jag är snygg? - Do you think I'm pretty?
Min älskling- my darling

Tags: challenge #25: crazy
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