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trueblood100's Journal

A True Blood drabble community
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drabble community for the HBO show, True Blood, with weekly prompts
Welcome to the True Blood 100 drabble community!

Here are the rules:

[+] Due to recent spammers, membership is on moderation. In order to be approved you must have an obvious active journal. Any journal that is new and has no entries will be denied on suspicion of being a troll or a spammer. If you have an active journal with active entries with a profile blurb you will be accepted.

[+] All drabbles must be based upon the TV show True Blood or the book series Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.

[+] No stealing from other fan writers.

[+] Please LJ-Cut all the entries.

[+] This is a multi-pairing community. All pairings are welcome. No bashing of characters or pairings. Please review and comment on the entries if you can to help out aspiring writers.

[+] All drabbles must be 100 words (unless otherwise specified).

[+] Adult content is allowed. Haha! This is True Blood after all. Clearly mark this and lock your entries to members only.

[+] There will be a Best Drabble of the Year Voting, as well as Best Art of the Year: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded. Please vote! Even if you never write or post art, please vote. All people who enter can vote as well and is highly encouraged. Banners will be rewarded, as well as first places will receive a special gift. (Yet to be announced)

[+] No spamming or community advertising unless you receive permission from the mod first. You may PM me if you want to advertise your True Blood event or community. I will delete everything else.

[+] All entries must be new and original to the challenge. Authors can enter as many entries as they like.

[+] Subject headers must include the theme # and theme.

[+] Your entry headers should look something like this:


If you do not use an entry header, you will be reminded.

Now, go have fun!



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Some of the banners will be utilizing screencaps from the True Blood show. Thank you to marishna, true_fellings and burgundy_shoes for taking the time to cap and upload them.

Disclaimer: The mods and members do not make profit from the series True Blood or the book series by Charlaine Harris, nor do we make any profit from it. All endeavors here are purely for fun and entertainment purposes only.

Help us promote!


Please join the trueblood100 community!